Beach House 2 Intro

On July 1, Ty Dolla $ign will release the follow-up to his amazing 2012 mixtape, Beach House. The best thing about Beach House 2, besides the music, is that it’s arriving just in time for summer. Releasing a mixtape titled Beach House in October might fly in the never-ending summer of Los Angeles, but the NYC-based XXL staff couldn’t help but think we weren’t listening to Ty$’s music in its intended context last year (Hurricane Sandy rolled around just as we were starting to get into it). Anyway, Ty$ swung through the XXL offices yesterday to play us BH2, and we can say with confidence that it will probably play soundtrack to weekend getaways across the country all summer. In short, it's awesome. And since he seems to be an expert on all things beach house, we asked Ty what his essential items were for a weekend getaway at said beach house. Here’s what he’s bringing.



"First thing, Kush. Definitely the Dolla $ign OG Kush. If I can’t get that I’ll get some K. K., that’s the Khalifa Kush. And if I can’t get that, I’ll get some Girl Scout Cookies. So one of those three."


Raw Papers

"I was definitely a Swisher Sweets guy. First I smoked Phillies. [Laughs] That’s when I was like super young, and then I tried the Garcia Vegas, and then it went to Swisher Sweets, and I stayed on those shits for a while. And then my roommate, he’d always have the Raw Papers, and I hated them at first. I was like, ‘I hate papers.’ And one day I couldn’t get blunts. I forget what state I was in. So I just kept smoking hella papers, and when I tried to go back to blunts it hurt hella bad. So I just stuck to the papers."



"Some condoms. A big box of Magnums."



"Raw filters. I’ve also been using these glass filters that are incredible, by Zong. Zong’s a bong company, but now they’ve been making these little tiny glass filters, and Cypress Hill makes them for their merchandise. I’m gonna do the same with my merch too. They’ve got like three that come in a pack, and they’re incredible. You just wash them. Put them in some alcohol right after you use them, and they clean themselves."



"Some drank. For the summer, it’s probably gonna be some Ciroc. Lately, I’ve been on this shit nobody else drinks called Disaronno. Somebody brought it to the studio and mixed it with Sprite, kind of like lean. It’s so good, and you never even notice that you’re getting drunk, and all of a sudden you’re drunk. Most bartenders will say that’s a woman’s drink or some bullshit. I don’t give a fuck. I like my shit to taste good. They can all suck my dick."


Recording Studio

"Definitely need my laptop and my Pro Tools, my mic and the whole set up, just in case I want to get to recording. The reason why I hate big studios so much is because I can't wake up in them. Usually how I work at the house is like as soon as I wake up, I’ll do three songs and then I go to the big studio later to mix. My set up does the trick, and it sounds just like a big studio."