The Come Up: Tree


On joining the church choir:

Tree: “My family, my cousins, some of the kids, we all went to church. It was almost like a getaway. We had fun. Being in a choir wasn’t a choice. I guess I was doing what everybody else was doing. It was fun times in church. That was my first music experience. Actually singing and playing instruments–at least trying to learn how to play them. But more importantly, singing and learning the songs during different choir competitions. It was exposure. Us traveling. That’s what my life was.

You needed the choir to be strong. The choir was 30-40 kids who can sing different pitches and stuff. I’ve been in the choir since I was a baby. It was the norm. I don’t remember joining a choir. I just came to a realization one day that I was standing in a choir singing every Sunday. It wasn’t like one day that I started. I always have been in a choir. My oldest cousin was the choir leader. It was just a lot of fun. As a kid, you want to be a part of something and that was a good influence.”

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