iStandard Producers Weigh In On XXL’s 2013 Freshman Producers List


Key Wane

Name: Dwane M. Weir II

Age: 22

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Sounds Like: Soulful instrumental music

Notable Songs: “Higher,” by Big Sean; “Memories,” by Big Sean; “Amen,” by Meek Mill ft. Drake; “Hypnotized,” by Tyga

JH: Key Wane is one of those producers who doesn’t need a lot of light shined on him—he lets the music speak for itself. After linking up with hometown homie Big Sean, the two have created a nice catalog together. Wane also had a bit of controversy this year as the man behind the boards for Meek Mill’s “Amen.” Wane’s midwest yet universal sound has created his lane and has the industry in demand for his creativity.

  • Afro Kennual

    A$AP Ty Beat$? More like SpaceGhostPurrp. No disrespect to the homie tho.

  • $wank Gawd

    chuck strangers is wack