Hoodie Allen: “I’m Going to Have the Next No.1 Indie Album”

Your videos are very well put together without any major label funding. Where does the money come from?

At first, I was just reinvesting the show money I made. Now, what I’m doing is like a business. I’m doing shows, I have merchandise, and iTunes. When I made my first big video, “The Chase is On,” I put all the money that I had, like $10,000 to make the mixtape. I was like, if it doesn’t work, I’ll have to figure something out, but if it does work, and it did, it will pay itself off in time. That’s always been my mentality. If you believe in something, you just kind of have to invest in it yourself and go for it. Instead of making a shitty $1,000 video or whatever, just go for it. People notice. Perception is reality.

How important is it for an indie artist to have a great visual?

That’s how indie artists become major artists. That’s how A$AP Rocky became A$AP Rocky. Those videos show culture, they show who he is. Macklemore’s videos are great, Mac Miller too. Nowadays, I think videos are really the most important content you could put out. It’s so easily shareable. People like watching videos and it gives the song another life. If your videos are shit, you need to reevaluate what you’re putting an emphasis on.

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  • sasd

    This guy sucks. I don’t care if he’s getting money or selling out shows. He simply isn’t good at making music, and he’s really weird looking.

    • a

      false, he’s amazing.