Wax on Being Dropped From Def Jam: “I Was Relieved”

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On Working as a Mortgage Broker:

Wax: “I went to the University of Maryland. When the band broke up, I had a lot of jobs. I was working as a mortgage broker. It was terrible. You know the housing crisis? My company was the perfect example that made that happen. You’d cold call all day and try to get people to refinance their home loans. They’d send a million mailers out to random people. [The mails] looked like they were from the government. It’d have some fake-ass seal on it and you’d sit there and accept these calls. You’d read the script to try and flip them into refinancing their house. I hated it. It was a crazy, crooked company. People were fighting over customers.

“I had a friend who worked there and was making like $40,000 a month. It’s not like that anymore, but that’s why all the housing got fucked up.

“I wasn’t good at it. I would spend all my time pretending I was doing stuff and just be on the Internet bullshitting. It sucks working for a job that’s commission based. You spend all month working and one deal falls through and you can’t pay your rent.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.rowe.5667 Nicholas Rowe

    BIG Wax!

  • daewooparts

    great article Jaeki , yeah i been listening and following wax from his early years.been to alot of his shows too ,wax &herbal t are good