Who needs a label when you have your fans? Especially when you're upstart YouTube star Wax. Originally from the DMV region, where he was the frontman of an indie band called MacGregor, the singer-rapper-guitarist is an early, and extremely successful, adopter to the YouTube music hustle. After doing various odd jobs post college (from flipping mortgages to delivering groceries), Wax successfully locked in a niche, viral audience of diehard fans. A Def Jam deal soon followed, and although it failed to materialize into a happy marriage, Wax isn't worried. In fact, he's much happier. Right after his departure from the label, his self-released video for the single "Rosana" clocked in at one million views in the span of three days, and his latest release, Continue, is still bubbling thanks to his successful touring efforts.

DIY never felt better, and Wax is here to explain why, breaking down his journey from the bottom to the present.  —Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho)