The Come Up: Kilo Kish


Is She a Rapper?

Kilo Kish: “I think I just enjoy making things. That’s just what I like doing. I really wouldn’t call myself a rapper. Just because I don’t really like the back-end stuff that is associated with it. I just don’t associate myself that way. I preferred being called a singer, songwriter, vocalist, whatever, over a rapper. I’m just talking and I am rhyming. I don’t know if it really constitutes the whole rapping thing. Especially on [K+], it gets a little hazier as to what it is. On Homeschool , I am talking literally how I am talking to you right now. There’s really no melodies or singing involved. On this one, it is a little bit more blurred.

“I don’t call myself a rapper. People call me a rapper and they get mad when other people are like, ‘Oh! She don’t got bars!’ [Laughs] I didn’t call myself that. You did. I just make songs and you guys can label it however you want. I honestly don’t mind. I just wouldn’t call myself a rapper.

“When you meet me, it doesn’t really fit my personality so much to be like, ‘Oh, she’s part of the rap game.’ I don’t care, you know? I’m just happy that I don’t have to be involved with that. I am just put to the side and it is always like Angel Haze, Azealia, you know? They are always like, ‘She is doing something over there.’ [Laughs] I am just happy that I don’t have to deal with all the stress that they had to deal with.”

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