The Come Up: Kilo Kish


Recording The Homeschool EP:

Kilo Kish: “The next year—or that same year, I can’t remember—I met Matt [Martians] from Odd Future and The Internet. He was in New York because J. Scott, Smash and him went to school together in Atlanta. I met him, he stayed at our house, and I was like, ‘Oh, listen to this crap that I made. Listen to this shit.’ [Laughs] So then he was like, ‘That was pretty cool but can you come to L.A. and we can work on something?’ I was like, ‘I never been to L.A. That’s fun.’ In that summer, I went and I started working [on my music.] I went there for L.A. for a week. I worked on Homeschool and whatever. I wrote the songs then. I met Vince [Staples], Speak, and all those guys and the Odd Future guys. There were cool. They were nice to me.

“Then, I came back. I was in school still like weaving, printing and making stuff. I just kind of didn’t think about it. I kinda of brushed it off. I worked on it throughout the year. They came to New York and I recorded ‘Navy.’ Over the course of the year, by the time I put it out, it was spring. I wasn’t really thinking about it. I always had homework to do or work. I was like, ‘Whatever, this is just my little side project I am having fun doing.’ When I finally released it in May, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is just something me and Matt were working on. Look at it!’ And then it just totally blew up way more than I expected it to.

“[The reaction] was nuts. We released ‘Navy’ in the winter and it got a good response, but people still didn’t know who I was. They didn’t hear the whole project. It was kind of weird and they didn’t really get it. So that’s cool that some people like it. It just made me happy that some people wanted to listen to it. It trickled in a little at first, but then over time, it just did its own thing.”

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