The Come Up: Kilo Kish


Being Influenced By the People Around Her:

Kilo Kish: “I listen to soul music and I listen to Boyz II Men. [Laughs] And I like Janet Jackson, but I don’t think it directly influences my music. I don’t really know what my musical influences are. I get inspired by just conversations and people in general. I spend a lot of time observing situations just because I am a creep and I love people-watching. [Laughs] Human interaction is so interesting to me. I really get inspired by just talking to different people and some of the situations that people get put in. A lot of my songs are just bits and pieces from my real life. [There are] situations that I’ve had. [There are] situations that [my best friend Kitty Cash] has had. Little things that someone said—being at a bar eating dinner alone and watching a couple and their interactions.

“Everybody I see, I just wonder what their life is like. ‘I wonder where you live and what you do.’ It is just fun to postulate things like that. So there’s where influences in my music come from. I am very visual so I like to try and describe those places to people.

“A lot of people are inspiring, but it is so inspiring that it makes you not want to do music. If you listen to Kendrick’s album, I am just like, ‘I just quit.’ [Laughs] You know? ‘I just quit making music.’ But yeah, I think some people are super-inspiring. I will always say I love Frank Ocean’s songwriting. That’s really inspiring to me. The way Kendrick laid out his album was super-inspiring. I don’t know, music-wise, I guess I am inspired by R&B a little bit. I think I take my approach to rap as more in an R&B sense than anything else. It is very chill and melodic.”

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