The Come Up: Kilo Kish


Moving to New York and Getting Into Music:

Kilo Kish: “I’m from Orlando and I moved to New York to go to art school. I originally wanted to do fine arts, so I went to Pratt. After one year, I decided to just take a year off because my financial aid got crazy. I was just working around the city—like restaurants and downtown SoHo boutiques. After that, I realized that I was really into textile design because that was what always kind of grabbed me as far as design went. I love clothes, but I just love patterns more.

“I went to school for that. I went to F.I.T. I graduated in May and while I was at F.I.T. I worked at restaurants and stuff to pay my rent. Then, I modeled for stuff here and there. But, in my year off from school, I was actually living with J. Scott, who is my manager, and Smash Simmons who I actually make music with. Smash had a little studio setup in our house. Whenever I would come home from the boutique or whatever and I would just be bored, I would just go hang out with him in his room and see what he was up to. Because he has been making music for years prior. I was like, ‘I wanna write songs or whatever.’ You know? [Laughs] I wanted to do it too. He’s like, ‘Yeah, whatever. Go ahead.’ That’s kind of where it started.”

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