15 Korean Rappers You Should Know That Aren’t Psy

Huckleberry P_XXL_Korean Rapper List

Huckleberry P

Huck P’s acknowledged as Korea’s most gifted freestyle MCs. But beyond spontaneous rap discharges, P’s an active solo artist who’s also a member of Paloalto’s Hi-Lite records. His collaborative recordings with producer Soulfish, known as Pinodyne, renders well-conceived storytelling projects, dismissing the now international notion that freestyle rappers aren’t capable of creating thorough albums.

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  • Guest

    Check some of them, you may get interested.

  • http://twitter.com/HiphopLE HIPHOPLE(heman)


    • http://www.facebook.com/19alive19 릭로스.


    • http://www.facebook.com/frediputt Fred Sj Cho


  • http://twitter.com/JamesKanchO KanchO

    mad propz to them !!!

  • http://twitter.com/EroNalYoo ♛~MC Nal Yoo~♛

    I’m a little surprised that Outsider, Rimi and LeesSang isn’t in the list…

    • http://www.facebook.com/puterk Cyoko Ichigo

      Leessang should not be included,since Gil didn’t rap.but Gary of Leessang will suits in one of the article ^_^
      and Outsider is my favourite too.

      • http://twitter.com/EroNalYoo ♛~MC Nal Yoo~♛

        Yes just Gary sorry, his lyrics are just so beautiful!

  • http://www.facebook.com/blucshak Joonoo Park


  • http://www.facebook.com/yarely.chikle Yarely Chikle

    yeah!!! supreme team, dynamic duo epic high!!! masters!!

    • Barney

      I love you supreme team bast rapper!!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/19alive19 릭로스.


  • 킹킹가람

    오 파워충격!

  • SmokeandRoses

    I love TOP and GD finally getting some North American spotlight they’re amazing I suggest people check them out talent goes way past the language barrier

    • YOMAMA

      TOP AND GD aren’t true rappers

      • http://twitter.com/N_IKOLE Jasmin Jones

        I would consider TOP a true rapper. He was an underground rapper before being a member of Big Bang.

        • Jada

          I don’t think GD is any less of a rapper than TOP. GD has been rapping for a really long time too. Sure he was taken in by YG when he 12 but why does that make him any less a rapper than TOP? They both love hip hop and enjoy writing their own raps. I love them both and think they are both really talented.

          • SariRainMJ

            A lot of VIPs like to say TOP is a better rapper because he was “underground” at one point. Most of the time, underground just means “not signed by a major label.” It doesn’t mean “automatically a brilliant rapper.” and a lot of rappers are not underground by choice. I think GD is a good lyricist (although when he writes raps, he usually goes for shallow lyrics with clever wordplay, rather than deep or artist lyrics like when he writes songs). I’m not sure how everyone here is judging rappers… but I would argue that GD is probably a little better than TOP. I guess we’re going by tonality, flow, and lyrics, right?

          • denveronni

            Most VIP are all up in GD’s ass, promoting YG’s branded “genius” label, but then there are non-VIP that recognize that TOP was always the better rapper. But YG is building up the acting side of it’s company now and wants to de-emphasize the rapper aspect of TOP in favor of building their own Rain / Brad Pitt. Business is Business. So smoke gets blown up GD’s ass and hipsters unknowingly fall in with YG’s marketing plans. GD-soloist for the music side and TOP-movie-star for the acting side. And more money for YG and its plans to be Korea’s CAA.

          • Jada

            Not all VIPs are all up GD’s ass. Personally i’m a VIP and TOP stan. I prefer TOP over GD. However, I still give credit where credit is due. While I think TOP has the deeper lyrics and I prefer his voice and flow, I think GD is pretty talented as well and I love a number of his songs like A Boy, She’s gone, One of a Kind, and the collab he did with Dok2 and Tablo ‘Light it Up’. I don’t understand why it’s always got to be either or, all or nothing with people. Why can’t both GD&TOP get credit for being the best rappers in the world of the idols? They both bring in a lot of attention. As for de-emphasizing TOP’s rapping for acting. I don’t think that’s all YG’s doing. As someone who reads their interviews one could deduce that TOP isn’t comfortable with (or in a rush to) putting out a solo/ performing on stage alone (Hence I think we got GD&TOP Vol. 1). Not only that he’s incredibly nitpicky about his work, an extreme perfectionist. And he seems to really love acting. Would I love a TOP solo album? Hell yes i’d probably buy the digital and physical copy. But that just doesn’t seem like that’s what TOP wants to do right now and i respect that. But IDK lol maybe that’s me falling into YG’s plan. TL:DR I FREAKING LOVE CHOI SEUNGHYUN! And Kwon Jiyong is pretty cool too.

          • baynstalk

            and TOP’s turn it up was a smash hit! i read somewhere that it made big too at itunes..

        • sarajgh

          idk, he completely ruined his voice with his smoking and nowadays his raps are half-assed.

          • SariRainMJ

            … smoking as a RAPPER wouldn’t ruin your voice. A ton of American rappers smoke (tobacco and marijuana). Only singers really worry about smoking ruining the tone of their voice (and even some of them smoke.) Besides… smoking is known for making your voice huskier. Have a husky voice, as a rapper, is actually a good trait. So, wtf are you actually talking about?

          • sarajgh

            lol calm the fuck down. Haven’t you noticed that I did not mention GD, who smokes just as much as TOP? TOP sounds forty and his flow has definitely decreased in quality.

          • shimmyshak

            Jealousy looks ugly on you girl. You dun exposed yourself. Scamper back to your oppa, I’m sure he is missing the fourth of the fanbase that you represent.

          • sarajgh

            lolomg you’re fucking insane. never have I said GD is better than TOP. They’re both outsiders in this list, and all the other rappers are miles ahead of them. Sit your ass down.

        • http://twitter.com/flynfreako flynfreako

          Depends on whether he had time to develop as an underground rapper before being snatched up to become an idol IMO

        • http://twitter.com/Stakz215 Stacie

          being an underground rapper doesn’t make you a GOOD undergorund rapper. There’s a difference. Not saying he sucked, but VIP’s (I’m also a VIP) always pull that card when people talk about rappers in SK. TOP is good because he’s TOP (deep voice and looks) but his rap skills are not doing anything that hasn’t already been done… just saying

          • shimmyshak

            Pretending to be a butthurt GD stan, when you are in fact a butthurt Zico fan? LOL to the max. Your oppa done lost the game before he started. There are LEVELS, little girl. TOP and GD is on the woldstage level now, and your oppa ain’t even pond level yet. Zico ain’t going to be mentioned in any international mag. He ain’t close to that level. What has he accomplished? A mixtape? Stop the presses! I’m sure international journalists are going to jump right on that. Hahahaha! Stay pressed panini.

          • baynstalk

            and aside from that there are many international artists who wants to collab with GD&TOP

          • Wow

            Yet to Koreans Zico is considered a better rapper than GD… oop. He’s 18, is in a company that was stealing from him and his group yet he produces nice ass tracks and doesn’t resort to flamboyance and attention seeking to grab an audience. His skill level was evident at the Mama awards when he stood tall next to his seniors. You’re the one who’s butthurt, super pressed panini upset over the fact that Zico is more talented at rapping than GD. Fame don’t mean shit. Lil Wayne is super famous, that doesn’t mean he’s better than the likes of Mos Def, Common, Talib. So you can take a seat with that bullshit. GD also has a good 5 years on Zico. Stay pressed ma.

          • SushiDance

            So true.

          • Jenn

            BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I just read this!!! Zico is an idol! That is it!! Zico has nothing on GD! Also… GD could drop ALL the “flamboyance and attention seeking” and still kick Zico’s ass! Also… what MAMA awards were you watching?! Big Bangs performance was EPIC! I don’t even think people remember BlockB’s performance because it was truly forgettable!! GD isn’t just a pretty face! He is a talented rapper, composer, and a rising star when it comes to music production! It really is a shame that Zico can’t showcase his own talents when he is soooo trying to be a replica of GD!!

          • SushiDance

            Zico is better though.

        • Whisperingnotes

          One doesn’t have to be an underground rapper to be talented.

      • http://twitter.com/StarLight6VIXX HONGBIN’S WIFE

        you’re right dude! GD and TOP are not rappers

        • Dan

          Well. GD and TOP are TECHNICALLY rappers. They are in fact, the best rappers among the kpop groups (well. lets not forget zico from block b). But they really don’t belong here. We got korean hip-hop legend Mc Meta here, Minos, Dok2, Beenzino, The Quiet, Tiger Jk here in the list and these are really skilled mc’s and rappers. GD and TOp arent just at the other korean rapper’s level here.

          • samus


          • http://www.facebook.com/clarissaann.lomo Clarissa Ann Lomo

            perfect! Zico should be on this list

      • http://twitter.com/clau9479 Claudia Arias

        honey, TOP is a true rapper, check his videos before his debut

        • http://twitter.com/Stakz215 Stacie

          Umm, yeah, we all did, And TOP is average honey. “True rapper”, meh, depends on the fan. TOP is known more for his husky voice and looks, not for his actual skills as a rapper (flow, wordplay, rhyme technique). Check out some more k rappers, and then compare him to a regular hip hop rapper. It would be like comparing Zico to another idol rapper. Are hey both members of an idol group and rap, yes, but it’s just not the same because Zico is LEVELS above the rest. Same with TOP, can he rap. Yes, but he’s a studio rapper… he couldn’t hold himself up in the rap game in SK with what he does

          • http://twitter.com/hyaaj H A Z E

            true that

          • shimmyshak

            Oh honey, you tried. I’mma just assume you are 14 instead of be embarrassed for you. Zirco?! LOL! You heard some buzzwords somewhere and just jumped on that train, knowing nothing of rap or the game. Come back when your oppa has had any effect on the scene or basically affected anything. LOL!

          • Dan

            lol zico isn’t that bad. You should listen to his mixtapes and live performances. He’s pretty decent. (avid k hip hop listener fyi.)

          • Whisperingnotes

            Looks like someone is butt-hurt about their oppar being criticized. -.-

          • sooki

            Zico’s not so bad. His mixtapes were quite awesome too. And you should see Mic Swagger where Zico freestyle-rapped :)

          • Scrobbel

            I love GD&TOP but Zico has a lot of potential, he’s only 21 and he’s already at a level where he competes with them, it really is in his blood.

          • Whisperingnotes

            I have to agree whole-heartedly. I’ve downloaded the full album of GD&TOP, but I never consider these aspects when I listen to them because there’s a big distinction between idol-rappers and actual rappers.

            As for Zico, well, I haven’t checked out his works. :P

        • DC55

          Sorry but TOP is an idol rapper and nothing more. His videos pre-debut? You mean as a trainee? When they were training him to be a studio rapper? Any kid can mimic rap songs they hear, that doesn’t make them a rapper.

          Every time they have TOP do a freestyle on variety TV, he just mixes some English raps together, while mumbling the words (because he doesnt know any of them). And the Korean audience eat it up because they dont know wtf they’re listening to. That tells me 100% he isn’t a ‘real’ rapper.

      • Casey

        How not? They write their own material. Tf is a “true rapper”??

        • lamb

          how would you know if they write their own material or not? they could have ghost writers.

          • Bluepastel

            You have a point..but don’t you think that if they have ghost writers GD would be earning that much from royalties? And considering that fact that every idol has a saesang fan and that netizens are very nosy, if they did have a ghost writer wouldn’t it be out already for the public to scrutinize?

      • anonymous

        GD and TOP grew up off of rapping and hip hop and do create their own rhymes and lyrics. Give them credit. Just because they are in a highly popular Korean pop group doesn’t give you the green light to defame what they grew from.

      • Kaka27

        Joke? T.O.P was an underground rapper long before debuting in BIG BANG! shut up!

      • Tania

        Oh please. GD&TOP are pretty good rappers. Do they rap about the complexity of modern day society and oppression of the masses? No. But they write their own clever rhymes, can carry a flow, and overflow with charisma. Admittedly, they are not on the same level as the rappers mentioned above but like it or not, they’re the ones bringing tons of international spotlight on the Korean music industry and they are the strongest contenders for reaching international status.

        • http://twitter.com/chococakess Monika ••●

          I agree with that a lot!

      • zd

        TOP and GD are real rapper!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000140171094 Gilang D Akbar

        here it is.. elitist douchebag thats look down to someone just because theyre idol.. or not indie enough..

      • http://www.facebook.com/nazra009 Naz Ra

        excuse me YOMAMA ! i thought you are deaf or u had something problem in your brain . GD&TOP sang in fast mood . u can’t follow what they sang . is it not rapping ? aren’t they rappers ? ! now . GD got more attention around the world through his brilliant songs ,talented rapper and singer , fashion style .. is he not true rapper. even FLORIDA, DIPLO and SEAN respect GD as a good rapper . is it still not enough? TOP . from his still 8 years old , he was an underground rapper. they are true rapper . i thought u envy with them or maybe u jealous because your idol not as good like them or maybe because u dont have any talents like them . hahaha . hey dont judge someone like **** . respect everyone . dont fool your self . . .. ^__^

      • http://twitter.com/twistedtine Kristine Tan

        T.O.P was an underground rapper before he signed up with YG. He was known as Tempo.

        • SushiDance

          He should have stayed tempo now he wears faggoty clothes and doesn’t move his mouth

      • indielokimin

        Listen. Top & GD are rappers alright. They’re actually significantly better than other idol rappers, and for this reason alone I don’t think they deserve to be put aside like that. However, the one thing I don’t want to see is people comparing Top & GD to Double D and Drunken Tiger. That would be like comparing soulja boy to Jay Z.

    • SushiDance

      Lol GD And Top idol rappers

  • jaysee

    i think the list should be longer than this. there’s a lot more k-rappers that wasn’t mentioned yet.

    • Jaeki Cho

      Yeah, but we’re listing the best not everyone in the HipHopPlaya database.

  • http://twitter.com/sayurimei Crim~im still alive~

    Dynamic Duo, GD&TOP, Tiger JK, Epik High… I mean this are true rappers… Listening to Tablo’s Nocturne and T.O.P’s Off All Days… Pure talent… hands down

    • SushiDance

      Zico should be here.

  • http://twitter.com/YeolAisha TAKE ONE ♔

    Korean rappers are the best <3

  • http://twitter.com/peppermintLee Leesha Coleman

    Yes! This list has made my life. I feel good about my musical tastes that there’s only 2 people on this list that I haven’t heard in some way. Plus, anything that promotes all my favorites at the same time is a good thing to me. Jungle, 1llionaire, and Ameobaculture dominated the list, but the others are on repeat on my iPod all the time.

  • Danny

    What about Dumbfoundead or Jay Park?

    • Jaeki Cho

      Jay Park’s a singer, I’ll put him in the Chris Brown category. Dumbfoundead is American, so he should compete to be on the list with other American artists. Capice?

      • anonymous

        Jay Park sings and raps… Get your fact straight before you say something.

        • Emma

          He’s not completely a rapper though… More like half and half.

        • Jaeki Cho

          Chris Brown sings and raps, too. Get YOUR facts straight.

    • http://twitter.com/arrousal kaiya

      They should be here but technically DFD and Jay are American musicians. Still, this list makes me happy.

  • http://twitter.com/Sagababy Cláudia ★

    Awesome rappers! Paloalto, Beezino, Tiger JK, Deepflow…they are hip hop monsters!

  • heyyo2000

    Surprised MC Sniper isn’t on there. He is one of the most renowned and influential Korean rapper

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.kim.52 Joe Kim

      agreed. blasphemous that he aint on here…

    • SR

      I kept pressing the “next” button waiting for him to appear…

  • zizi666


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hanna-Kim/1331812217 Hanna Kim

    supreme team <3

  • nothingness

    Only one woman rapper? Seriously? Tasha’s amazing, but more women deserved to be mentioned.

    • http://www.facebook.com/m.suhyeonkwon Suhyeon Kwon

      don’t think there are any women rappers to be mentioned……..

      • hangookhiphoper

        RIMI! get familiar son!

        • http://twitter.com/b0rninnocent PoliticallyIncorrect

          Ah, you beat me to it! RIMI~!

      • samus

        rimi and cheetah

  • Drunken Tiger

    Why. The. Fvck. Is. Dumbfoundead not on this list. More than anyone, he serves as the bridge between American and Korean Hip Hop.

    • Jaeki Cho

      He’s an American.

      • http://twitter.com/kryptagy Krypta

        So is Tasha (Houston,TX) and she still made the list.

        • SariRainMJ

          No, he’s saying that Dumbfoundead is not based in Korea. He even said himself that he has no intentions of making an album or any projects in Korea, because he knows he can’t be as good in Korean as those Korean rappers. This isn’t about ethnic Koreans who rap, it’s about Koreans who make hip-hop in or for Korea. There are a few rappers in Korea who are American or Canadian, but since they make music for the Korean market, they can be on this list.

          • Jaeki Cho

            Thank you.

          • http://twitter.com/kryptagy Krypta

            Oh ok. Thanks, that clears it up nicely.

  • http://profiles.google.com/cls45son Catherine Son

    awesome selection. but + KEEBEE! <3

  • dave

    simon D man! supreme team! E sens!

  • hilphop


  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.kim.52 Joe Kim

    cool article, but maddd heads are missing on this list that could easily take the place of cats like huck p and deepflow (they are mediocre at best)… what about leessang? hwana? b-free? dead’p? bobby kim and buga kingz? YDG? old school acts like jinusean and 1tym? and you can’t put a list like this together without the pioneers DJ DOC… come on mang!

    • http://twitter.com/flynfreako flynfreako

      I LOVE b-free, but you actually think he’s better than Huck P…? lol

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.kim.52 Joe Kim

        heheh u think huck P is better than b-free? not even close in my opinion… but to each his/her own… i can see more nerdy/backpacker types liking huck p more… but the hustlers fuck wit b-free

        • Jaeki Cho

          MC Sniper’s a legend, but this list is about those that myself and writer Bong-hyeon Kim consider worth noting for the foreign audience. Oh, and didn’t know you were a hustler, buddy.

          • http://www.facebook.com/joe.kim.52 Joe Kim

            haha for sure! glad to hear real fans who give props to the illest. really dope article, i’m just glad this shit popped in XXL, goood looking out! but yea just saying, huck p dont belong on this over Sniper, just because of legacy

    • http://ethlenn.blogspot.com/ Ethlenn

      Bobby Kim is still considered r’n'b not rap…

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.kim.52 Joe Kim

        he raps too, and his rhymes are nastyyyy

    • orit

      eluphant, fana, loquence, needs more soul company artists tbh… also jazzyfact as a team is so much better than beenzino by himself imo!

    • Jaeki Cho

      Those are great artists. But name me an MC Sniper song post 2003. I’ve been a fan of Gary since his Honey Family days, but did Leessang upgrade their formula since their second output? Hwana was never the standout from Soul Company, and Dead’P hasn’t put out a project since 2009. B-Free’s cool, but if you’re speaking about cats emulating American styles…a former Hawaii native back in the motherland might need to earn some more stripes. Name me one neck-snapping Buga Kingz record that ignited you to give barbershop daps? When’s the last time Jinusean put out a record? Sean’s busy doing charity work while Jinu’s rocking suit and tie with Yang Hyun. And is 1Tym even around anymore? Teddy’s making good money with 2NE1, right? Aside from DOC’s fifth album, did the three ever put out a thorough hip-hop record? YDG’s authentic, there’s no father to his style, but aside from some records off his first and second album (with Bizzy), you really think he has bangers? Think about that for a second.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.kim.52 Joe Kim

        werddd. from a ground up perspective, the underground rap scene in korea grew up with DJ DOC. all them startin up rap at Master Plan, during the honey fam days, everyone gives maddd props to DJ DOC as a major influence, cuz they started all that. they like the Korean Beatles to rap. But they maddd old now, so they don’t fit in an article like this, but people better recognizeee!

        • Jaeki Cho

          I know every word on their fifth album.

          • hangookhiphoper

            cool good for u, now give em props kiddd

      • Dan

        “Name me an MC Sniper song post 2003″… Bro. Sniper’s been pumpin great songs post 2003. “Better then yesterday” “4자루의 M.I.C” and his whole 5th album full time is great. Maybe you should catch up a little on Sniper and his label, Sniper Sound.

        • Jaeki Cho

          Never been my cup of tea.

      • Whisperingnotes

        Just because they supposedly don’t put out works anymore does NOT mean you should just ignore them. They are still pioneers. Even after they are die, one should not forget or ignore to mention them. I’m sure we still remember, mention and praise artists who have retired or are dead.

        • Jaeki Cho

          Therefore, write your own list.

      • http://www.facebook.com/m.suhyeonkwon Suhyeon Kwon

        Hwana was never the standout from soul company, oh my……..that makes me so sad

  • http://twitter.com/StarLight6VIXX HONGBIN’S WIFE

    i love J’Kyun, San-E, CC, Rex.D, Hanhae, Deepflow,

  • http://twitter.com/flynfreako flynfreako

    Glad to see Huck P and Noise MOB mentioned!

    If you HAD to include and idol rapper, you should’ve picked Zico instead of GD&TOP IMO… not to start a fanwar or anything since I’m a VIP, but c’mon. Is Zico too new or something to qualify for the list?

    I also think it’s strange that you didn’t include Outsider. If you list Huck P for his specialty of freestyle, then you should mention Outsider for his specialty of speed rapping.

    I won’t complain about i11evn or Lil Boi not being here since they’re just guilty pleasures of mine haha.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.kim.52 Joe Kim

      i’m just curious, are you korean? or do you understand korean? i’m curious as to how/why you have such an infatuation with korean hiphop

      • anonymous

        Music is more than language. Music touches people in more ways than one. You don’t have to know the language or look up the lyrics to be interested in the music. Please keep your hate elsewhere.

        • http://www.facebook.com/m.suhyeonkwon Suhyeon Kwon

          true but it’s hip hop. it needs more than just music, it’s somehow about wordplay.

    • olay

      Zico hasn’t had that much of an influence yet….
      Yeah, he got skills. But what has he done for the hip hop/rap genre in Korea? GD&TOP are bringing in international spotlight and if you are seeing a recent surge in actually decent idol group rappers that write their own material, it’s thanks to them.

      • chris

        more like it’s YG that’s holdin the reins. gd&top don’t have any mixtapes out at all. they just a pretty face on tv PERIOD

  • fuuko4869

    Great article. There’s even a few rappers there that I haven’t heard of – gonna check them out now :D

    I never really thought of 1llionaire records as Korean, surprisingly. Even though some of their artistes such as Dok2 or Jay Park often feature in Korean mainstream media, I always felt it was more American – the language, style of rap, etc. It’s done by those of Korean ethnicity, but would more easily fit into the US hip-hop scene along with the likes of the Far East Movement, as opposed to representing Korean indie rap. I’m not sure. Where is 1llionaire based?

    Please forgive Epik High for their latest album. Yes we all know it’s poppier than usual, but there were reasons for that. Fingers crossed their 10th album will give us the old Epik High we all know and love ;)

    I agree with Joe Kim that there’s a lot more talented, well known, or even legendary rappers (Outsider?!) that could’ve been mentioned instead of what you have there, but you list Tasha, so I’ll forgive you ;)

    • kora

      The Quiett and Dok2 both speak english and have American influences, I think that’s why you think of them as more American. I wouldn’t say all of Illionaire is more American styled because Beenzino has his own flavor of hip hop that I wouldn’t say is American. Illionaire is based in Seoul. and Jay Park isn’t part of Illionaire. He’s just good friends with Dok2 and The Q.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.kim.52 Joe Kim

        beenzino is the most “americanized” out of all them illionaire cats… i saw them all live in seoul a lil bit ago, and beenzino tripped up on his korean alot when he spoke between songs. also, his newest joint 24:26 is VERY americanized… he rips off of mac miller’s swaggg alot (even directly copies mac’s “ah-ha” laugh before tracks. still a dope ass record tho

      • fuuko4869

        Ah, my bad. I guess I see Jay Park hanging out with them so much that I just assumed that ^^;

        So they’re actually based in Korea huh. Thanks for clearing that up :)

        I’ve always wanted someone to tell me how American and Korean rap/hip-hop differ in style. Thoughts?

    • anonymous

      Jay Park is apart of AOM: Art Of Movement not Illionaire.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.kim.52 Joe Kim

    oh and you spelled “the quiett” wrong…

  • http://ethlenn.blogspot.com/ Ethlenn

    Mention rap and delusional VIPs appear… oh boy.

    • Tania

      Well GD&TOP are in the article….

  • jihun

    E-Sens & Simon D we are Supreme Team !!! I love you ~~ Simon D I love you ♥

  • http://twitter.com/uniqueratliff Shanaynay_twerks

    Bless this article!!

  • gtsrsgr

    Zico and Kyung should be on the list

    • anonymous

      Zico could be considered a K-HipHop artist since he has released a couple of mixtapes that are without a doubt a 10 out of 10… but his involvement with Block B messes with his genre placement. Kyung… doesn’t fit at all, sorry.

      • Sarah

        he is he has over 10+ mixtapes along with Kyung. they both were not meant to be in an idol group.

  • Kerry

    Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team’s label, Amoeba Culture the best rapper!

  • Denny

    Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team’s label, Amoeba Culture the best rapper!

  • Denny

    Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team’s label, Amoeba Culture the best rapper!

  • dokomo

    Illionaire: dok2 & The Quiett , Beenzino, Jay Park, Supreme Team: Simon D & E-sens, Tasha &Tiger JK, Verbal Jint, Dynamic Duo are the top dogs of K-HipHop. They deserve WAY more respect.

  • slim shaday

    GD n Top? get the fuck outta here.
    They are just K-pop idol group’s member. not real thugz

    • SariRainMJ

      Hip-hop isn’t really about being a thug, wtf… 90% of rappers aren’t thugs.

  • Alana

    I wouldnt have had a problem with Epik High being on this list if it was before they sold out when they signed with YG…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001561627701 Seti Tesefay

      Honestly, have you listened to Tablo’s solo album

      • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

        Not necessarily agreeing with op that EH has sold out but not disagreeing too. However, Tablo already has his solo album completely done before he signed with YG so technically, it wasn’t written and produced under the label, just released under it.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001561627701 Seti Tesefay

          Yes but YG still doesn’t have creative power over established bands. He said it himself, that after 3 years he lets his artist do what they want. He may give feed back (which he did for Tablo with his album) but he doesn’t control the creative process. YG rite now concentrates more on the rookie groups he’s trying to develop (including Lee Hi). Idk, if you want to blame someone for the EH’s album, i think you should blame Epik High for it (since they composed and produced it) not YG. And as much as i love their old songs, i like that they experimented with their sound. I think for their first attempt it was ok, but I can’t wait for their next album to see if they’ve perfected it.

          • Wow

            That’s bullshit. LBR. I don’t know why YG stans are so gullible but YG has control over his artists. He is the CEO, he picks what he wants from them. He still hovers over Big Bang and picks their title tracks, tells them to re-edit parts of their songs to make them more commercial.. please. YG is fooling all of you.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001561627701 Seti Tesefay

            Then he if he wanted to sound more “commercial” he would have told GD to change “the xx” to something else. The intro to knock out and Light it up would not have been included. Forget all the songs in Taeyang’s album that have sex in it. And they pick the title tracks together, the artists and YG. Anyways, it really doesn’t matter that much about the title track since both 2ne1 and Bigbang promote almost all their songs in the album.

  • CHAN


    • Jaeki Cho

      Since when did being fast made one a great rapper?

  • Guest

    Keep on clicking the next button, but didn’t find Zico and Bang Yongguk. Seriously, this list is so plain without them.

    • SariRainMJ

      You are an idol fangirl. Stop complaining that XYZ idol rapper isn’t here. This list mostly talked about people who are solely rappers, and the only reason GD&TOP are even here is because they’re pretty much the reason most idol groups have rappers at all, these days. Their influence got them here. It’s not a list about idol rappers. I gotta give it to Zico, because he is talented, but mostly outside of the idol world, he’s not considered an influential hip-hop character in K-hip-hop.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001887266711 Dalio Cortez Alvarez Cier

        Yes, I agree with you. Zico has lot to work on it. He is great but he chose kpop and I don’t judge him the same case for Par Kyung. I hope they will gain more respect in k.hip-hop scene :)

      • chris

        other major hip hop artists have noticed him and ain’t hard to look ffs he’s worked countless times with all sorts of artists underground and major. you ain’t in korea so you don’t know

  • http://twitter.com/muggar_reum Feekey

    Outsider is missing,

  • http://www.facebook.com/djnoidentity Junho Pedro Han

    Where is DJ Tukutz???Why did this writer miss DJ Tukutz of Epik High?

    • ha



    Dok2 , Swings , Hwaji , E sens . dope

  • Yo

    Beenzino can be compared with j cole. They both are extremely talented at setting their hook melody up, and writing artistic lyrics, using their voice as an instrument

  • JuStL0uNgIn

    Hmm….I’m surprise that Untouchable isn’t here, along with OutSiders. But then again, i’m guessing they’re not on cause they’re currently serving their military duties now

  • moontoki

    omg. i love all of them. I am so glad that you included Tasha. :D.

    Thanks for the amazing list. Kinda wish TBNY was on there as well, along with Kebee. You can’t have Minos without Kebee! :D Eluphant! :D

  • Samantha

    Mint Lab Astronauts! Look them up they’re from Chicago!

    • Wiz

      hell yea! M.L.A. are dope!

  • MIDO

    beenzino is the best in my heart!! korean rapper i love them^o^ chear up ♥

  • illionaire gang

    illionaire records! DOK2&The Quiett!!!!

  • illionaire

    응? 왜 빈지노랑 더큐랑 도끼 안묶었지?

  • Adrian Kim

    Epik High is NOT A DUO! Epik High is composed of 2 MCs and 1 DJ, Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz. I believe Epik High’s part should be fixed a little bit.

    • Emma

      ugh I know. I’m really annoyed by that

      • Jaeki Cho

        The list is about rappers. Tukutz is a DJ.

        • Ana

          Nevertheless, be accurate. You are introducing them to an audience that only knows the fat horse dance guy. Yep, that’s how people around here know psy?

    • http://twitter.com/Stakz215 Stacie

      Well, as much as I love EH, the piece is about rappers, not DJ’s. Tuk’s could have been mentioned, but the bigger point here is that EH was mentioned PERIOD!

  • http://justburnthedayaway.tumblr.com/ mniharry

    awesome list :) so glad to see so many talented korean artists spotlighted on a non k-pop or k-entertainment website!

  • outsider

    wheres outsider?

  • don

    what about jinusean?

    • Jaeki Cho

      They haven’t put out an album in years.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zheng.li2 Zheng Li

    tiger jk is the king

  • http://twitter.com/JUANJUAN_GD818 ♕JUAN-JUAN娟♬


  • welshine

    Plz dont forget the name CL from 2ne1.

    • Jada

      UGH, i like 2NE1 and all but for female idol rappers Miryo >>CL. Even though I was a little disappointed in her solo album Miryo is hands down the best idol rappers for the ladies. IMO of course.

  • wow


  • CandyDropper

    For ya’ll dissing GD AND TOP
    Shut up your asses.
    They’re respected from 15 out of 15 in this list.
    80% OF THEM have feats. with them.
    GD can’t rap what he’s able to rap in BB or as a solo because They need to please fat mushrooms with no life in their teens or they will kill themselves.

    GD is one AWESOME artist and one of the most hardworking ones.
    70% of every fucking good thing in Korean pop music have his touch and you guys should check who’s got missy elliott and Timb as feats.
    They don’t pare themselves with shit.

    People worldwide is riding their dicks. No matter if it’s their style only or because their unique kind of skills combined with pop music and other influences.

    • Dan

      I think some here who are dissing GD and TOP are dissing them purely on their flow, rap skills, feel, voice and stuff. They feel like GD and TOP don’t belong there because they aren’t as skilled compared to other rappers in this list. But hey don’t get me wrong, they have both improved a lot with their rap skills over the years and GD’s song “Light it up” and “Crayon” shows that.

    • http://www.facebook.com/m.suhyeonkwon Suhyeon Kwon

      well those two are cool, getting improved, just not skilled enough to be on this list I guess. dont’ know if you really fully understand all the korean lyrics, but as a korean who has listened to korean hip hop music for almost 10 years, I am sure we have some more awesome, better rappers than those two. because this kind of music is about word play. well but I have to admit GD’s recent work was dope.

  • LoveHipHop

    1TYM? Teddy Park? Perry? These guys might not be legendary rappers, but they contributed much to the hip hop scene in Korea.

    • Danny Dan

      they brought a lot to the hip hop scene, but they just aren’t of the same caliber. their songs were made to sell, and never had that touch to get on this list.

  • http://twitter.com/keziasapulete Kezia M Sapulete

    where’s leesang?

  • http://twitter.com/Plug1Headphone Vick Noneed

    woot woot, my hot man, beenzino!

  • Guest

    where the hell is Dok2 and Lissang?

    • SariRainMJ

      Dok2 is there.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000140171094 Gilang D Akbar

      yes where leessang!

  • http://twitter.com/ekrammarkee اكرام

    Supreme Team, Tasha, Dynamic Duo, Palo Alto, TigerJK, Beezino, and Verbal Jint, NICE! Wish Outsider and MC Sniper had been featured too.

  • http://twitter.com/sterois_vip xsterois

    Korean rappers!! Movement crew, illionaire, amoeba culture, High-lite…

  • http://twitter.com/CertifiedNB CertifiedNB

    Would love to see Jay Park’s name on this list someday. I know he’s not yet there and there is so much more he needs to learn, but given his attitude and passion for HipHop, I hope he will not tire and continuously improve his rap game. Thanks for the list!

  • doppy

    GD, TOP the hottest rapstars. They know how to control the audience as much as PSY.

    • shimmyshak

      Verbal could truly make it worldwide. He’s got that special charisma, which no offense, some of these folk lack. You need that charisma if you want to break through language barriers or get people to care enough to listen to your stuff.

  • BZ

    From the top hailing from the Mother Land should be: Seo taiji and Boys, Yang Hyun Suk, 1tym, Teddy and throw in MC Mong but a blurb on XXL is progress I guess.

  • BZ

    From the top hailing from the Mother Land should be: Seo taiji and Boys, Yang Hyun Suk, 1tym, Teddy and throw in MC Mong but a blurb on XXL is progress I guess

  • http://www.facebook.com/sukoa.person Miyabi Janae


  • http://www.facebook.com/sukoa.person Miyabi Janae

    I <3 Simon D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/muffin.nuna Nuna Maffinova

    Yeah, Tukutz is a dj, but he’s really a big part of Epik High, that’s gross

  • http://twitter.com/xTaeminsLucifer ‘ Marsha~ ♥

    hmmm, I also like B.A.P’s Zelo and Bang yongguk , also E.via is the fastest female Korean rapper you know!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000140171094 Gilang D Akbar


    they have theyre own big part in khiphop pedestal

    anyway.. everyone in this list is legend..

  • KJessh

    yes! epik high xD

  • ada

    where is Outsider?

  • http://twitter.com/ooToPsHoWoo ☆*aPriL*☆*ToPsHoW*☆

    “The Queitt & Dok2 of Illionaire Records”
    please correct the spelling error for Quiett

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504020404 Rukie Andrei

    Outsider ftw!
    Seo Tai Ji’s rap works were good too but I like his rock/metal stuff more

  • Meh

    Sorry, but the master storyteller in the K-rap scene is definitely Defconn D:

  • http://www.facebook.com/jayde.wynn Jayde Wynn

    TOP, GD, YOON MIRAE, TIGER JK, TABLO, MITHRA, GAEKO…..all my fav people omg

  • GDForPresident

    GD&TOP! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001887266711 Dalio Cortez Alvarez Cier

    I would like to have Miryo here too, she is great but I think it’s because now she’s more focus on kpop scene… But that girl has talent that’s for sure.

  • Miranda

    GD & TOP are rappers. There are different ways to compose rap in Brazil, Korean or USA.

  • kimme

    Should say ‘Tablo & Mitra Jin of Epik High’ rather than Epik High(Tablo & Mitra), if you try to mention only rappers. Otherwise, you should say Drunken Tiger(Tiger JK), cuz he’s only member and rapper of the team.

  • http://twitter.com/twistedtine Kristine Tan

    Love the list. But there are some rappers that I was looking for. But damn the list just ends at 15. Good thing they also put Tasha. Love her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/prospect.deeds Prospect Deeds

    Just scoped out a few of the artist and i must say i’m really feeling their music even thou i don’t know what they’re saying… Thumbs up! Diggin’ this a lot!


  • http://twitter.com/LusciousChill Shay D.♡

    A lot of talented rappers but if there’s only one I can recommend, that would be Tablo. No other rapper has the same effect on me. Give him a listen and you’ll discover how incredible he is not just as a rapper but as a true lyricist.

  • Myeolchi

    Sorry but Dok2 is not that good

  • shade060

    but where is Zico? He is amazing rapper and he deserves to be here!

  • http://twitter.com/chococakess Monika ••●

    I’m so happy GD&TOP are here! More people should get to know them. 사랑합니다 GD&TOP :)!

  • http://twitter.com/hyaaj H A Z E

    my sister says gd is a version of lilo Wayne of korea

  • K-Lover

    Where´s LeeSsang?

    • fan


  • http://twitter.com/florence_doit Florence Marie Doit


  • Gigglebot21

    Great list all they are all true masters of this craft , but what about crucial star I think he belongs on this list.

  • Megustagofre

    Where´s Outsider?

  • Dan

    Check MC Meta out! one of the 1st gen Korean rappers that has some sick flows and rhymes (and his voice.)

  • http://twitter.com/shinnfantasy ShinnFantasy (´∀`)♡

    so..no soul connection? they are good rappers

  • http://twitter.com/HinaChan111 Jessie Willis


  • https://twitter.com/haiosh97 haiosh

    To everyone who says GD&TOP aren’t true rappers or who say TOP is better or GD , Shut the hell up ok ! , if that’s ur opinion don’t say it as if it’s facts !? O.o GD and TOP are great rappers and everybody know that beside the retards ! They both rap from along time , write rap lyric , and of course they are one of the top rappers n Korea … I don’t think there other rapper can rap like them they have an unique style and I actually was hate rapping before I know kpop I hated it from American rappers but after I heard GD&TOP rapping , I started it to like it from them , their rap are fun and nice to hear ..

  • DannyOz

    THANK YOU – Psy hardly has any flow, I wouldn’t call him a rapper.

    I love Verbal Jint – his music’s like a beautiful marriage of jazz and rap.

  • Kam

    What about Outsider? I am willing to bet that he’s the fastest rapper in the world.

  • http://twitter.com/CMinuteByMinute Cecilie A.L.

    Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae are my heroes.

  • Whisperingnotes

    I know you guys are focusing on rappers but how can you ignore a DJ who is an essential part of the group? I mean, you mentioned DJ Shine, even though he’s no longer part of Drunken Tiger.

    Also, I think it will be criminal if you don’t check out Outsider and LeeSSang.

  • Whisperingnotes

    Also, I’m surprised GD&TOP have been mentioned here. I don’t actually consider them as full-fledged rappers. Sure, they’re talented, but they’re pretty miniscule when you talk about true Korean rap.
    GD is an awesome producer. TOP’s predebut works were good. Now? Well, not so much. I don’t understand why he changed his style. Anyway, this is just my opinion. No hate people.

  • Whisperingnotes

    Oh! And how can I forget?! MC SNIPER, WHERE ARE YOUUUUU?!!!

  • Kimmiko

    I was really surprised to see GD and TOP on this list, granted they are probably the best rappers in the world of Kpop (I said probably) but I never really considered them to be on the same level as Tiger JK and Dynamic Duo and such. These guys are legends, GD and TOP….well I suppose they’re on their way to becoming legends. But it was a pleasant surprise, I actually like them.
    I was also surprised to see Verbal Jint and Supreme Team. Verbal Jint is probably one of my have Korean rappers and I totally feel that Supreme Team are totally underrated and don’t receive the attention they deserve.
    If you really want a taste of some of these rappers, check out The Cypher. Epik High, Dynamic Duo and Simon D of Supreme Team all collaborated for this song/ awards performance. It seriously gives you a nice little sample of what these boys are capable of. Just saying. Check it out, YouTube or Google it, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jjstyle80 Junpyo Lee

    jk & tasha is real awsome

  • exx

    where’s IZ

  • Tears

    This list definitely needs LeeSsang. Might not be the same hip as these other rappers, but still mainly rap. LeeSsang provides rap with some soul. Great list though.

  • theory111

    This article is not legit…There is no LeeSsang in it….zzzzzz

  • http://imjinah.blogspot.com/ imjinah

    Adding GD&TOP to the list already killed this site’s cred

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004042931046 김동현

    GD & TOP???????
    I don’t recommend you as Korean..

  • Luvtabi

    Yayy for GD&TOP, but bro..why there’s no LeeSSang?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1168779726 Jennifer Yvette Reyna


  • http://www.facebook.com/Esikcini Pelin Alkan

    where is the Jay Park?

  • PearlyGD

    Yeah, this is it !!
    Of course, it must be GDTOP !! :D
    So adorable !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Oh/1390154570 Andrew Oh

    Dok2, Quiett, Epik High, Verbal Jint haven’t been good in a long time. Dok2 was debatedly never good. And if I had to put GD and TOP somewhere that wasn’t Kpop boy band, it would be the trash. Top 15 in no real order is this -

    Meta, Nachaal, Basick, Beenzino, Choiza, Gaeko, Kebee, Huckleberry P, Simon Dominic, E-Sens, P-Type, Minos, Nucksupshan, Beatbox DG, and Rhyme-A-.

  • Steffani Stirks

    Beenzino, Dok2, VJ, and Choiza are so flipping sexy! Would’ve been cool if Zico was on the list; I think he’s the best idol rapper. However, I guess I understand why he isn’t on the list. Nice list though :)

  • SushiDance

    So sad that Aziatix signed with such a crappy company. They are better than that.

  • hnhhg

    where’s Outsider? :U

  • Kim Boubi

    where are zico and jaypark ?

  • lyvang

    i think LeeSSang should be on here too

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001430085442 Nilly I’ly

    Im just happy Supreme Team is in this list. SsamD~ <3



  • loli b.

    this was refreshing, I listen to Kpop and many of these names I didn’t even know of. Most of the rappers I did know of usually were JYP affiliated.

    from my personal opinion, I am embarrassed that PSY is the reason that everyone is now interested in KMusic in general. There plenty of non gimmicky Asian Male performers who were great rappers and also, easy on the eyes, in comparison to PSY. I’m not even Korean and I was a bit offended by the fact PSY is being pumped as a great Rapper/Performer in comparison to someone like Bi (Rain) for example.

    To me, its like they picked the “clown” to represent KMusic.
    So this whole PSY craves seems more like a mockery verses an genuine interest.

    On a different note, Korean rap is da boom!

  • moopies

    haa I feel so special, I knew a few of these artist. Excellent list, I am going to have to check out the ones I didn’t know. I also think it is AWESOME that Tiger JK and Tasha are up here. makes me happy.

  • JJ

    15 rappers and only 1 woman? No.

  • http://twitter.com/YJ2464 MG

    lol the comments section is just a whole load of GD & TOP wank. They’re relevant rappers, get over it. Anyways love that this is an article, there is so much more the k-hip hop and most people view it as PSY. Love PSY, but is NOT a great representation of the genre. I very much agree with this list and very happy to see my favorites like Tasha and Tiger, as well as Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team, Verbal Jint, and the whole lot really. Nice article XXL, thanks :-)

  • http://twitter.com/YJ2464 MG

    Ah yes and “old school” Epik High” I know Woollim screwed over Tablo, and couldn’t (didnt know/neglected) how to protect him, but their music was so much better than what they’ve produced at YG. Sorry to say, but I don’t like their new stuff, yeah yeah, they’ve always had artistic control, but….. Woollim material/music videos > YG material/music videos. Only Tablo’s YG solo stuff has been good.

  • SK_

    What about LeeSsang :-(

  • http://twitter.com/LucidDelight Martina (☞゚∀゚)☝

    LeeSSang should have made the list :(



  • seewon choi

    Where is MC Sniper?

  • Mitchel

    Hey what about Outsider?

  • http://www.facebook.com/memaria95 Mary Michaele

    “dancing horse of the Far East” I’m sure you’re talking about Far East Movement, they may have promoted K-Pop by getting in tops with Turn up the love or other songs,but dancing horse?I’m sure you meant Psy.
    If you can’t even write a normal article why bother?At least make some research on the subject before you even try armature.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eanshays Eans Hays

    This is completely bullshit. There should have been LeeSsang’s Gary in this fuckin list. Don’t bother to write something if you had no idea what the facts are.

  • jen

    this is hilarious! as much as i love the list i don’t understand how you guys can focus solely on gd and top!! yes they are awesome rappers and deserve this kind of praise but they aren’t the only ones mentioned on the damn list. and zico?!?! REALLY?!?!? just like the article mentioned, 9 out 10 times the idol rappers are modeled after gd and top!! zico is a pretty boy idol that happens to be the designated rapper for block b. gd and top have a long history with hip hop unlike most of the idol rappers! also… top worked his ass off before being chosen by yg. and hell, if you want to start mentioning idol rappers like zico then why not mention eric from shinhwa or minho from shinee or mikey from turbo and the guys in dj doc. leave zico and most idol rappers out of this. also… WHERE THE HELL IS KANG GARY?!?! i know you can’t really mention leessang as a whole since Gil doesn’t rap but COME ON!!!

    • SourCream&Onion

      Zico’s been rapping since he was 13. I suggest you do your research and maybe listen to his rap No Limit. He tells his entire story. He’s not a pretty boy. Far from it actually, he studied music abroad and embraced hip hop. He composes music as well. He’s not an idol rapper. He doesn’t even really like the word idol or the idol industry. Listen to his song Battle Royale and he’ll tell you. GD and TOP only talk about talk about eyebrows and how cool they are. Zico talks about real life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashley.park.961556 Ashley Park

    leessang is pretty badass aswell. love lessang’s gary’s rapping.

    the thing that hooks me in are the lyrics he write and the beat he follows when rapping

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashley.park.961556 Ashley Park

    if hear some1 says that they dont know Leessang or not worth mentioning then ill drag them outside and kick their ass.

  • Brian Chan Kok Yew

    The Movement, Hi Lite, 1llionaire, Stand Art, Buda Sound, Soul Company, Double Trouble and many many more are so down rates in Korea! Korean hip hop scene is still not accepted in their own but they have their International fans like me!!! puahahahaha

  • Alexx Hong

    actually can’t understand why GD is considered as good rapper. He’s style is pretty cool, but he’s kinda copycat.

  • guest


  • http://twitter.com/TrAiLRiDejUnKiE Molly Rain

    Uh…. why no Outsider? =/

  • http://twitter.com/YoKoreanClique SEA-TOWN

    i agree but most are mainstream. but either way i agree :)

  • http://twitter.com/peppermintLee Leesha Coleman

    It breaks my heart to see the comments on this story. Ya’ll wonder why people think kpop fans are crazy/weird? Ya’ll are on here arguing instead of promoting. Good glaciers, everybody can’t be included on one list, and everybody has different opinions. What happened to being glad someone cares enough to write about Korean rappers? Hmm…maybe we’d have more fans join us if people didn’t spend time bickering about who’s better than who.

  • just another man

    I wouldnt say g dragon is bad but when TOP is there its kinda next level…plus you added all the rappers and u missed leessang Gary… his lyrics has soul man u cant skip him…

  • Merp :P

    Where is Zico on this list :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/shaunaloveshugs Shauna Rose Saed Sweeney

    “partner in rhyme”.. teehee! that made me giggle!

  • colt custom productions

    Decent list but 3 critisms
    1.Epik High was completely understated in this review
    2. where is Jazzyfact (not beenzino alone)
    3. The Quiett should be separte DOK2. 2 completely styles

    secondly- write a review on some korean producers. they need the recognition cus their beats go hard (pe2ny, tukutz… extraaaaaaa

  • Kim Tin Dinh

    where the fuck is Zico? guy needs more recognition

    • Mio

      YES.. Thank you so much

  • http://www.facebook.com/karenpoulin316 Karen Poulin

    ummm….what about Bizzy? Perry? Seotaiji and Boys? <–they pioneered Korean Hip-Hop AND K-Pop, 1993! Jinusean? 1TYM? Lexy, the first lady of YG? What about Sniper Sound artists like Illinit, Outsider, MC Sniper himself? D.O and his duo Deux, who with Seotaiji pioneered today's sound? E.Via? the fastest female rapper in Korea? Gilme, she has some awesome stuff. I think you missed out. It's a nice list, but your missing a lot of important people that introduced many K-Pop and K-Hip-Hop fans to the genre.
    And yes, I was wondering why you didn't include DJ Tukutz. He's a member too, even if he doesn't rap.

  • Mio

    what about Giriboy, Brother Su, Primary, Zico, and Zion T, etc… ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004661259431 Jay Park

    Where is Kang GRAY?????????? HE is the best!!!!!

  • vipforever

    Ssam Di sshi~~try your best!!
    i know that u r the best rappers~~
    saranghae oppa~~

  • serenityq2

    korean rap has been around longer than 15 years, its been around for over 20 years

  • unknown

    where is outsider?

  • Dilys

    Leessang, anyone?

  • Hyuk

    Zico and Baro have great talent too

  • Evee

    Bang Yong Guk, i think he should debut as a solo rapper instead of a sub unit(with zelo, although zelo is also awesome) or a part of a K- POP group(B.A.P.) i wish he could. i hope pple check him out.

  • Epikcatofdoom

    No one beats Tablo’s lyrical genius and depth. I have never seen such refined and beatifully somber poetry in any other rapper and his punchlines are forever quotable. Few fellow rappers have truly grasped and dismantled today’s society as he has. In addition to that he is an outstanding rapper in both korean AND english, his ability to mix the two and sound credible is in my opinion proof of his superior skills! And not to forget his musical talents, clearly visible on his own compositions. Thus i truly dislike Epik High joining YG entertainment, a company that is, in my opinion, a follower of trends and bases, however talented some of its artists may be, it’s success on thei so called coolness. I am happy for EH that they gained so much popularity, but i can say with certainity that i will forever favor dark, pissed off and brilliant Epik High attacking society and redefining verbal mastery.

  • Brian

    How do people feel about Leessang not being here? Kang Gary’s lyrics are always full of soul, and his style is quite different than most. Probably hurt him I guess.

  • Yuki-ah

    Uhmmm… excuse me… and what about Zico?

  • FreakyDeakyMonster

    There is no Outsider here!? WTF is this when there is no Outsider!? -.-
    And Zico should be here too!!
    Respect for all the others,specially Tasha since she is the only lady here! Respect.

  • Ben-Ben

    GD and TOP shouldn’t be here, tbh. Thanks for the recommended rap artists, I am loving Beenzino so much.

  • Jennifer

    1sagain, STi, Geeks, Giriboy, Dynamic Duo, Epik High, Supreme Team, Zion.T, Fatdoo, Verbal Jint, Crucial Star, Electroboyz, Paloalto, Primary, Okasian, Swings..just a few amazing artists

  • Hyong Leppy

    One question: Where is Outsider?

  • Megan

    Was hoping to see LeeSsang in this one, but incredibly respectable list nonetheless.

  • indielokimin

    Yes! Thank you for this list. I don’t even mind the fact that GD&TOP were included. It’s also nice to see how the comments are from people who listen to and respect true khiphop, not just Eunhyuk fans lol.

  • mesosawi

    I’m very disappointed not to see e.via on this list. Saaaaddddd.

    • mesosawi

      Or should I say “Tymee”?

  • mesosawi

    I’m so disappointed not to see e.via AKA Tymee on this list! Only one female? :(

  • April

    Aww.. you forgot Gary of LeeSsang :(

  • Guest

    EXO’s Chanyeol should be here too~ JS~

  • mostepik

    TOP and GD is cool, but i felt Leessang should’ve been on there instead. They were one of the few pioneers in korean hiphop as well. A lot of other rappers could’ve been named as well, but these guys are on a whole different level than Zico. They’ve been in the game before Zico’s time.

  • MissR

    Honestly, where’s LeeSsang? I’m really glad that most K-Hip Hoppers are on the list but Gary has such an uncopyable style with how he raps with his own beat. He really should be on this list.

  • gig_it

    why is’t LeeSsang in the list???? :( …..HAHA!!!!!! and seriously why fight….ZICO may not be the best but he’s been in the underground rap scene for while, before being a idol……and GD & TOP are in their own caliber….. ZICO might not be international like GD & TOP, but he’s acknowledge by his sunbaes and he’s still on his way…why bother comparing…..LOLs….

  • True Words

    You’ve lost your credibility with putting GD & T.O.P on that list.

  • JP

    I was about to go “WTF NO TIGER JK!?!?” and then I saw that he was saved for last.

  • Ngoc Vu

    I would love to see Gary (Leessang) in this list!

  • Guest

    I trully missed Lessang on this list.

  • ~ Akira Shock ☁

    I trully missed Leessang in the list.

    • jimeous

      I agree

  • Fyren

    Quality list. It caters from mainstream to the roots. The list can be longer, but XXL made a solid top 15.

  • Valeria Ibarra

    Guys, I was amused by this list until I saw the comments, you can’t say who’s a real rapper if you haven’t seen their true colors, shut the f up and go listen to the people on this list, enjoy the music and stop complaining, if someone isn’t on this list the there is a reason: 15, the writer did a top 15, so in her/his OPINION, this rappers are the top 15 in the scene.
    You see?
    Also, if you see someone saying: “He shouldn’t be on the list” or “This person should be on the list”, don’t start a fight, 99% of things you see on the internet are OPINION, you can’t judge someone for their opinion and start a fight, because what you THINK is correct, might not be right for someone else, so you are just wasting your time and spamming the comments.

  • SR

    MC Sniper!! ??

  • Wizard of Id & Superego

    Man DJ SAAM been put me up on this
    Now I put yall up on beats

  • Ghost

    Where did LeeSsang Gary go?

  • thunder
  • sandy
  • jimeous

    The article should have listed “The Movement” which consists of a crew of hip hop artists.

    Bobby Kim
    Buga Kingz
    Double K
    Drunken Tiger
    Dynamic Duo
    Epik High
    Eun Ji Won
    Insane Deegie
    Yoon Mi Rae
    Yang Dong Geun

  • Kelvin En

    can’t believe it that CL is not in here ….. her rap is cool and swag and yeet it is not inn here and some rapper in the list don’t even rap in a nice way

  • bumfromkorea

    Take out G-dragon/TOP (are you kidding me?!) and Supreme Team, and replace them with Soul Dive and uhh… LEESSANG. How does a list about Korean hiphop snub LeeSsang?!

  • fdsa

    sad and all about the fact that Epik High missed out on DJ Tukutz, but glad they got recognized :D

  • Shiki

    Where’s ZICO? And Zion T.? How about Leessang? And Epik High is a trio and not a duo… -_-

  • Anon

    A lof of gooks in the comment section.

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