Mod Sun "My Hippy" [Video Premiere]

Last year, Mod Sun stayed on our radars after popular records with Schoolboy Q and Nipsey Hussle were too big to ignore. The Bloomington, MN native was spotlighted on The Break after his latest EP Happy As F**k brought a fresh take on the emerging “hippy hop” genre. Now, the 25-year-old MC is back with a new single “My Hippy,” off his upcoming project.

Directed by Talkboy TV and Mod himself, the visual captures psychedelic and colorful effects that convey his down-to-earth personality. Says Mod, “’My Hippy’ is filled with futuristic fashion, bright colors, beautiful camera work, trippy effects, and even has a cameo from the infamous “Sunset Blvd Jesus”. “I’m here to clean minds of negativity and build confidence in others.” With such positivity, there’s no denying where his music will take him next.

Check out the video above and be sure to catch Mod co-headlining the 2013 Road Trippin’ tour with Cisco Adler starting on February 1.

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  • notalion

    dave cappa on the beat bitchh


    Whats the deal with all the ALL SEEING EYES everywhere!? Mod Sun SOLD OUT TO THE DEVIL! No wonder he blew up so fast. FUCKIN SELL OUT!

    • James Lopez

      Dude, you are paranoid as fuck. He’s not even that big yet, and the people that listen to his music are like a family. If he sold out to the industry there would be little Ke$ha’s running calling themselves hippies (as if there aren’t enough already). Get a grip, light up and be happy as fuck.

  • DCC

    thia is wack af!