While Korean music's global standing has been overshadowed by Psy's immensely popular "Gangnam Style," it's crucial to note the Land of the Morning Calm is decked with an arsenal of musical talents that don't need comical dance routines for global popularity. Within the realm of K-Pop's sugary jingles, lies several commercially accepted rap acts that stood by their grounds throughout the country's adolescent hip-hop years. Drunken Tiger, led by frontman Tiger JK, is often regarded as the pioneer of the K-hip-hop genre. While he's more known for neck-snapping beats, and rapid-fire flows, along with longtime collaborator Bizzy, and wife/fellow rap legend Yoon Mi Rae, the trio unveils MFBTY, a project group that's ready to drop infectious pop tunes for stadium chant alongs. Directed by visual artist Lumpens, the song's catchy and playful elements are dramatically displayed with eye-grabbing visuals that take place deep in the ocean floor, all the way up top of the atmosphere. It's not "Gangnam Style," and it's not meant to be. Check out the visual above.