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23 Of The Most Prolific Prison Rappers Ever

Previously: Gucci Mane Is One Of The Most Prolific Prison Rappers Ever 26 Of The Longest Prison Bids In Hip-Hop History Comparing Lil Boosie And Tupac By The Numbers Comparing Gucci Mane’s Releases From Inside And Outside Prison A Guide To Gucci Mane’s ...

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The Women Of Ray J

When you look over the course of Ray J's nearly 20 year career, one can't help but think of the women he's attached himself to along the way. From Whitney Houston to Kim Kardashian, check out "The Women Of ...

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Happy Birthday Trick Daddy!

The Miami rapper gained notoriety in the late 1990s when he appeared on Uncle Luke's single, "Scarred" and got national attention with "Nann Nigga" featuring Trina.  Over the years, he has released eight studio albums and is one of the ...

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