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Gucci Mane “Lil Dudes”

No matter how hard the world tries, it cannot stop Gucci Mane. With The Return Of Mr. Perfect set to drop later today, Gucci unleashes his latest leak, "Lil Dudes," produced by Dun Deal. Over a booming instrumental, Gucci Mane talks ...

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Sahtyre “Prince Thunder”

Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of this generation is how many don't realize how crazy it is they live on the same planet as the piece of human spectacle known as Prince. Sahtyre doesn't have that trapping. The West ...

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The LOX “No Selfies”

The LOX are not about that selfie life. On their latest recording, the mighty D-Block take on a classic break beat and absolutely demolish it. No word on where this will end up, but The LOX still got their sights ...

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