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TeeFLii “West Coast”

We haven't left "CoCo" remixes behind in 2015. TeeFLii, of "24 Hours" fame, is the latest to take a shot at it with "West Coast." You can probably guess the exact words to at least one bar of this song ...

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Eskeerdo “Hurting Feelings”

What about a little salsa with you trap? Infamous sampled the festive sound for Eskeerdo's latest jam "Hurting Feelings." The track details a night were things don't go quite right; there two dope boys in a Chevy, a car chase ...

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Flying Lotus Is Writing A Movie

Flying Lotus has always been restless. The Los Angeles-based producer and instrumentalist has made a career pushing the envelopes of hip-hop and beat music, the patron saint of local haunts like Low End Theory and a fixture at global institutions ...

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