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Diddy’s Got the White Stuff

Every year Diddy throws a huge star studded party in the Hamptons celebrating the end of the summer. This year he decided to switch up the game plan a little and moved the festivities to Saint Tropez. Hours before the party ...

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142,220 People Can Be Wrong

♪Number One♪ Wait a second that doesn’t sound right. Let’s try this again. ♪Number Two♪ Nope that’s not it either. It’s time for a remix Phar-real. ♪Number Three…briii-diick(pause)…low on the charts…sales diiiip♪ It’s not looking good for you out there for Thelonious P (I spelled ...

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Why the Game can’t make it

Of course any artist that's ridonkulous enough is going to inspire a certain degree of fanaticism, and the Game would certainly appear to be no exception. His Black Wall Street stans have been popping up in various web forums the ...

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