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Shook Ones

Ganksta N-I-P South Park Psycho (1992) Fear Factor: This Houston rap pioneer and South Park Coalition member took the dark side of the Geto Boys’ personas to the next level, leaving no sick stone unturned on his Rap-A-Lot Records debut. Killer Cut: “Horror ...

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Give daddy a kiss (nullus)

First of all, for the remainder of this post, I'm instituting a special state of no homo Juelz Santana. If necessary, I may also drop in an extra nullus here and there, but I wanted to set things straight - ...

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Right Back At You

So it finally happened on the Funkmaster "Thanks for my shout-out" Flex show last night, Hova responded to the attacks of the Capo, himself, Harlem's Jim Jones. Here's what El Presidente had to say: "You don't get to where I got ...

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