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Times like these

It's become de rigueur in the past six months or so to note that hip-hop is in an incredibly fucked up state. Rap albums these days are selling as if they had AIDS on them. That said, not everyone is ...

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Ras Kass
Bet That

In 1996, Ras Kass' acclaimed debut, Soul on Ice, had him set to take the throne as the full-fledged lyrical don of the West Coast. But the decade that followed would see his career consistently stalled thanks in part to ...

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YN’s Breakaday: Nas Is Coming (Maybe)

The Heath Brothers "Smilin' Billy Suite Part II" (1975) The Fantastic Four "Mixed Up Moods And Attitudes" (1977) Stephanie Mills "Starlight" (1979) Soul Children "Move Over" (1968) Rodriguez "Sugar Man" (1971) Norman Connors "Valentine Love" (1975) Lost Generation "The Sly, Slick And The Wicked" (1970) Kenny Loggins ...

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