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Living the dream

"The lure of Hollywood and a big career in modeling blinded these girls from reality." -- Capt. Blake Chow, LAPD It occurred to me, while reading a story about this guy who got busted pretending to be a photographer for Vibe ...

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Snoop Dogg, Empire State of Mind [Feature]

Photography by Kenneth Cappello Snoop does not use Grecian Formula. Stretched out on a black leather couch in a cavernous Hollywood photo studio, he appears at a glance forever young, resembling nothing so much as his own lithe image frozen mid-canine-morph ...

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Nas: Drunk [Driving] By Myself

Don't give me a hard time about the title. It was either that or “Purple (in the Front Seat)”. Though, by the looks of the leaked dashcam footage, we have a “Black Zombie” on our hands. Homie was definitely having ...

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