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Did Nas bang Ashley Dupre?

Nas, you dirty dog you. So just now, I was checking Gawker, where I go in the morning to find out about a lot of shit you fruits probably don't know about and wouldn't otherwise give a shit about, and I ...

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SDN Tournament Round 1 – Division A

September Sadness is finally upon us! Please be advised that convicted felons are allowed to vote. If you're a latecomer to the SDN Tournament, please get your brackets here. Without further delay we present the Division A first round matchups! Two Words. Smart ...

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Show & Prove: Shawty Putt

Name: Shawty Putt Hometown: Atlanta Testamony: "I'm just making real music, but my shit is more lighthearted. I'm not trying to 'keep it hood. You ain't gotta pull my resume to listen to my record." : Artists were trying to buy ...

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