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Time for a priority check, Jay-Z

In case you haven't heard, Jay-Z is teaming up with United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan (like the president of the world, except he lacks the power to do much other than condemn the US and Israel) and once-important cable network ...

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This one’s for the ladies!

Like every other bored rap critic, I’ve been listening to Port of Miami for the last couple days. I keep almost losing my lunch every time I get to the requisite for-the-ladies joint “Hit U From the Back,” which might ...

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Putt Putt Pass

Whenever I see a rapper down at the driving range my mind can’t help but wonder back to the critical beat that BG Knocc Out received courtesy of Nate Dogg on the video set for Montel Jordan’s “Somethin 4 Da ...

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