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STEP 1 Admit You Have a Problem Sponsor: XXL Hip-hop is a lot like a sick patient currently in a state of relapse. The glory days are behind us, and the past few years have seen constant change in and around the culture. ...

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Put Ya’ Double ‘L’s Up!

Meyhem Lauren is my nigga rocking the 'Lo lifestyle hardbody. If you fux with the 'Lo lifestyle some kind of way peep these vids I produced of Boostin' Billy's sister give a tribute to her fallen brother. Boostin' Billy was ...

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Alfamega was also a rolling stone

Alfamega should have known better than to fuck with the Smoking Gun. I guess he's been going around telling people that he isn't a government informant, and that the documents the Smoking Gun turned up earlier this year saying that he ...

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