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It’s so cold in the D

Note to self: Don't go into any ghetto clubs in Detroit wearing any ridonkulously gaudy jewelry. I could fuck around and get beaten and robbed by Trick Trick's little brother, like Yung Berg did. I should note, for legal purposes, that ...

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No, really, kill Bill O’Reilly

The East Coast Avengers' "Kill Bill O'Reilly" was all poised to be the biggest hip-hop media scandal since the last big hip-hop media scandal, and then... nothing. The other day, I turned on the Factor, which I haven't watched on a ...

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Da Brat Sentenced To Three Years

So So Def rapper Da Brat was sentenced to three years in prison today for a nightclub assault that took place in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a Dekalb County judged sentenced the female lyricist for striking a woman ...

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