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Lupe Fiasco, jihadist

Not that it matters much anymore, with Lupe Fiasco seemingly destined to fade into obscurity and end up the answer to some future mid-oughts trivia question about "skateboard rap," but for a while there it was interesting to think about: ...

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DMX Fight Ends Concert Early

A Hot 97 sponsored Back To School concert that took place on Saturday night (September 30), ended abruptly when Yonkers rapper DMX felt his performance was cut short, Newsday reports. Just before DMX took the stage, G-Unit's set ended when ...

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The Death of Proof
Bare Witness

Mudd, whose government name is Reginald Moorer, was one of three people that accompanied Deshaun “Proof” Holton to the CCC the night of his death. On the condition of anonymity, Mudd spoke to XXL in the July 2006 issue about ...

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