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Happy Birthday Lil’ Wang!

Don't think that the irony of me knowing Lil' Wang's birthday is lost on me. I once accused the dearly departed Noz of knowing all of his favorite rapper's birthdays. The only reason that I know Lil' Wang's ...

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Ain’t no future, period

These days, it seems like you can hardly crank up the Internets without hearing about another one of these rappers having an old man-style health issue. I'm sure you fruits probably already heard about DMX supposedly having a stroke earlier this ...

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Lil’ Wayne Can’t Read Either?

Previously in the annals of XXL: What are you reading right now to help you… I don’t read a damn thing. That’s why I don’t write music. I’m too cool to be reading and writing…I’m a very intelligent nigga. I can read ...

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