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Deal or No Deal

  Word is Fox Boogie is about to be dropped from the Def Jam roster. Allegedly, Jay is angry about Noxema Jackson’s lack of productivity on the Black Roses project. The album has already been pushed back four times as a ...

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Free Jacob the Jeweler

Should it be illegal to sell expensive-ass jewelry to rappers and their drug dealer friends? Hold on a sec before you answer that question. You'll recall that hip-hop king of bling Jacob the Jeweler is currently enmeshed in deep doo-doo (no ...

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Sutures on your smoochers

Here’s a shocking bit of news: Kanye is acting up again. On Thursday night at the MTV Europe Awards, after being passed up for the best video spot, Mr. West bumrushed the stage in protest. “Fuck this!” he complained. "[My ...

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