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Tough Break

Just one of them days, everyone has them. Regular folk, superstar, aspiring star, it doesn’t matter. Hip-Hop is chock full of stories of coulda beens and shoulda beens. Everyone is human and makes mistakes but sometimes you ...

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FEATURE: Mos Def, Quiet As Kept

Photography Matt SalacuseReadying the fourth album of his enigmatic career, reclusive rapper-cum-actor Mos Def has things to say that people need to hear. But you gotta listen close. Mos Def sounds like a grandpa when he speaks. He mutters. He grumbles. Tinged ...

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Big Pooh: Delightful Bars

RAPPER BIG POOH THE DELIGHTFUL BARS (NORTH AMERICAN PIE VERSION) (HALL OF JUSTUS/TRAFFIC) Few rap duos are truly ambidextrous. Half of the pair is either purely pedestrian or just pales in comparison to the other. Little Brother’s Big Pooh finds himself somewhere in ...

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