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50 Cent Goes Beserk Over Leak

50 Cent went on rampage throughout the G-Unit offices on Thursday night after learning that the music video and song for the single "Follow My Lead" leaked on to the net. The Robin Thicke collabo wasn't suppose to drop until October, ...

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Al Sharpton has a point

I don't mean to suggest that these civil rights-era black leaders tend to be uneducated and have a tendency to pull facts out of their ass, but reading yesterday's news item about Al Sharpton's "Day of Outrage" against hip-hop lyrics ...

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Master P
1998 Man of the Year

The first rapper to make $100 million, the first rap star to retain full ownership of his masters, Percy “Master P” Miller pioneered the artist-as-businessman prototype so prevalent in hip-hop today. After turning his Bay Area retail shop ...

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