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FEATURE: The Light

[Editor's Note: This is an abbreviated version of the interview that appears in the 360 section of XXL's October issue. In the full interview, XXL asked Juelz Santana and Jeremih the same question based on the lyrics to their collaboration, ...

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KRS-One & Buckshot: Survival Skills

KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT Survival Skills (Ducktown) On Survival Skills, BDP mastermind KRS-One and Boot Camp Clik general Buckshot launch a tag-team mission, fusing their respective Boogie Down and Brooklyn styles into one sound. The duo’s chemistry is apparent on the anti–Auto-Tune single “Robot,” as ...

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XXL Brand Victim of Fraud

As of late, XXL’s name has been used to promote hip-hop showcases, Eye Candy casting calls and assorted events that XXL is not affiliated with and does not support. XXL wants readers to be aware of this issue because we have ...

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