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Xzibit’s Spin City

…and X-to-the-Z is your jittery deputy mayor. After telling Foxxhole Radio all kinds of sordid details of his South Beach Adventure like a teenager who ain’t never been to a party before, the former gangsta rapper takes the ultimate nigga low ...

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Blu Signs With Sire Records

XXL's freshman class alumnus Blu has gone major. The Long Beach, Ca MC has officially signed with Sire Records, according to the Los Angeles Times’ music blog. Blu, 25, has already released three independent albums to great fanfare including two ...

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Leave Him Alone

Not sure when it happened, but I got slimed (mind out of the gutter, people) by the Hamiltonization Process. I checked with my doctor. And she checked her PDR. There’s no cure for this—and if there was, would I really ...

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