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SDN Tournament, The Senseless 16

Good morning, bitches. This is ESDN First Hate. I'm Ron Mexico. The opening round of the SDN Tournament is finally complete. Round one was a shitstorm of Smart Dumb that saw some buzzer beaters (i.e.: RZA def. KRS-ONE), upsets (i.e.: 50 ...

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Barack Obama: Secret b-boy pioneer?

I would suggest that Barack Obama's handlers work on tightening up his talking points re: rap music, but the truth of the matter is that probably wouldn't make much of a difference. There's probably hardly anyone who's gonna stop supporting him ...

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Jake One’s White Van Music

Those of you who frequent some of the... ahem... more popular hip-hop blogs, have heard a bunch of the material that leaked from producer Jake One's upcoming album, White Van Music, which drops next Tuesday October 7th on Rhymesayers Entertainment. ...

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