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In the XXL office, there’s a wall that has almost all of the covers the magazine has ever done posted in chronological order. That includes the multiple or split covers we’ve done, but none of the first 12 issues—that’s a ...

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FEATURE: Time To Build

Jay-Z is no stranger to success. For all intents and purposes, his career started on June 25, 1996, when he released his seminal debut, Reasonable Doubt. By September 10, 2001, he was one of ...

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REVIEW: Wale, Attention: Deficit

Jump Off Wale Attention: Deficit (Allido/Interscope) Washington, D.C., is ecstatic. After years without any representation, there’s finally a brother running the city. His swagger is impeccable. His sense of style is on point. His way with words is captivating. His African roots give him ...

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