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G-Unit Vs The Yankees

Torre will be rockin pinstripes for one more year! Woo Hoo! Hooray! Didn't want to see that other 40's Baby Pinella in there anyway. I wouldn't have minded some new blood like Girardi or Mattingly as head coach though. After watching countless hours ...

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My House

It’s not 1994. “Life’s a Bitch” is not blaring out of car speakers in the hoods of America. The South has a stranglehold on the game and some fans and critics alike are saying that hip-hop, as we knew it, ...

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Don’t call it a comeback

I mostly sat out the hoopla having to do with the first tracked "leaked" from Jay-Z's forthcoming Kingdom Come because a) I didn't really give a shit one way or the other, and b) sometimes I come up with the ...

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