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Diddy catches a brick?

First of all, it's worth noting that Diddy's Press Play debuted atop this week's Billboard's Top 200 albums chart, having sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 170,000 copies. This was about 70,000 copies more than new albums by Evanescence and ...

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Snoop Dogg
California Dreamin’

Blunts aren’t the only thing Snoop Dogg is sparking these days. Lately, the rapper has been blazing headlines across the Atlantic; his recent entourage melee got him banned from flying British Airways indefinitely and he was picked up yesterday outside ...

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The Long Kiss Good Morning

click to enlarge In the last 24 hours this picture of Lil’ Wayne and Baby sharing what appears to be a tender moment has managed to circulate the internet at a lightning speed. Before you start to sing “I be humpin’ on ...

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