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The one that’s a writer

Every now and again I'll find myself being reminded that not everyone else is as jaded as I am about the media. A lot of people are really impressed by that sort of thing. That's probably why there is such ...

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The Way A Tribute Is Supposed To Sound

"Everybody's the king now/you ain't gotta be nice, getting shot is the thing now"- Jadakiss Before I even start this post, how ill is that the guy who's playing Christopher Wallace (Gravy) in Notorious is one of the dudes Jadakiss might ...

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A Very Diddy Christmas

I hope you've all had yourselves a wonderful holiday season thus far. As the new year approaches, I only request that you "Rub this Ciroc.../ in your breasts and on your vaginaaaaa!" Take that! Take that, you triflin' beyotch!!!! *pours Ciroc ...

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