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TI: A true hip-hop activist

It's the rare occasion when you see the best-selling artist in any genre make a significant political statement, let alone in hip-hop. And you'd expect such a statement from a southern hip-hop artist to be even rarer still. Because I ...

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Total Chaos

As I write this, XXL's favorite cover subject Curtis "Interscope" Jackson is at NYC's Times Square raising hell. NY Post's Page Six has bumrushed the show so our cover's been blown: XXL is shooting a DVD. That's right, Smack can't ...

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Women don’t like music nerds

I hate to agree with Bol’s take on women and music blogs—since chances are he doesn’t even agree with it himself, and is just throwing it out there to get a rise from the ‘fruit flies.’ (Incidentally, that term might just ...

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