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Mr. Collipark
Hello New World

If you think Mr. Collipark is just that bald-headed, cigar smokin’ folk who makes “Whisper Song” clones, you’ve got a lot to learn. The man born Michael Crooms got his start in the late ’80s Atlanta music scene under the ...

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Abolition and Promotional CDs

Nas “Hip-Hop Is Dead” From Hip-Hop Is Dead…The N (2006) By now, we should all be used to Nas’ bold claims. Every time he comes out with an album, he probably thinks the world is gonna stop once he opens his mouth ...

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Dropping the n-bomb

"What hurts me the most, is when you have an actor of such stature and he says your a nigger, and I think that's how he really feels." —Noreaga, a portly, sensitive hispanic fellow (sound familiar?) All of this hoopla surrounding ...

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