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Def Jam Names New Senior Vice President

Island Def Jam Music Group President, Steve Bartels announced today (11/17) the appointment of Jeff Straughn as Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing of Island Def Jam Music Group. Promoted from vice president to senior vice president, Straughn’s new position requires him ...

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E-40's name is nowhere near as big as his resume. Legendary to most, he's seldom praised for his contributions to hip-hop. Kids may ghost ride the whip nowadays, but Fonzarelli was pushing the Bay area to the forefront when Mark ...

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BLOG: When Rappers Attack?

It's no secret, rappers be on some shit. Back in 1998, when Wyclef stuck the toast in the face of Blaze Magazine EIC Jesse Washington the entire hip-hop community collectively SMH'd. The incident allegedly occurred over a poor Canibus album ...

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