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Country Grammar

Hip-hop wins. The white man loses—again. Here's a 1-2 musical salute to Kenny Chesney. As G Rap said, "You Lose." That's right, these ancient prehistoric joints are unlisted, Noz-style. Shit, if you can name these tunes, I'll send you a box ...

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Is Pimp C a homophobe?

I've always found it especially ironic whenever one of these older black people who live to shut down hip-hop tries to claim that hip-hop has a problem with homophobia, since I think we all know there's hardly anyone quite as ...

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Master P
The Clean-Up Man

When radio jock Don Imus categorized the Rutgers University woman’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hoes” on-air last April, the hip-hop community somehow received a heavy share of the blame. Citing influential rap lyrics as the source of Imus’ controversial comment, ...

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