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Soulja Boy Tweets About Arrest

Soulja Boy recently gave some insight into what he was doing the night he was arrested last week for obstruction of justice last week. SB went on Twitter on Sunday (October 12) to share. “Releasing the music video for ‘Gangsta Muzik’ ...

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Minstrel rap is back

Minstrel rap ain't dead, it just took a vacation for a couple of years. You know how black people like to take extended periods of time off from work. As the saying goes, when the weather is too hot, niggas ...

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FEATURE: Foundation, Top 10 Hip-Hop Discoveries

Today might be Columbus Day, but is flipping the script on this often-overlooked holiday. Rather than commemorate European explorer Christopher Columbus’ “discovery” of America, we decided to compile the Top 10 Hip-Hop Discoveries. It’s your official list of people, ...

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