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Master P
The Clean-Up Man

When radio jock Don Imus categorized the Rutgers University woman’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hoes” on-air last April, the hip-hop community somehow received a heavy share of the blame. Citing influential rap lyrics as the source of Imus’ controversial comment, ...

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Emcees > Rappers

I’m sure that I had this convo with some of you cats a while back. For the most part, those of us with the ability to use reason (read: those of us not still sleeping in the bedroom that ...

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Does VH1 hate black women?

Any of you fruits heard about the controversy re: this show Interracial Love? It was going to be yet another one of these dating-based reality series on VH1, not unlike Flavor of Love, except in this case 20 to 30 "professional" ...

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