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FEATURE: Mike Jones, Resurrection

You know his name. Hell, you even know his number. But there’s a lot you don’t know about Mike Jones. Helping to introduce the country to Houston’s southern-fried brand of hip-hop in 2005 with the classic posse cut “Still Tippin,” ...

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When T.I. Became R. Kelly

Whattuuuuuup?! Wuz hatt-nen? Awll my hay-tas… Please get at me. As the DDN Tournament winds down I’m glad to be getting back into the swing of exactly what the fuck it is we does round hurr, know’m tombout? Much like any other ...

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Asher Roth: The Truth?

How do you really feel about Asher Roth? I know the debate has been going on for some time but now we have much more material to judge him on (the album drops next week but it has sprung a ...

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