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It’s The Roc, B**ch

I got a lot of appreciation from yesterday’s Rap-A-Lot post. But as much as I LOVE the house that J. Prince built, being from Brooklyn, I can’t imagine the pride that fans from Houston had when they had someone reppin’ ...

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FEATURE: DJ Kay Slay, Air It Out

To say that DJ Kay Slay has always kept his ears to the streets is an understatement. With a resume brimming with classic mixtapes and a reference list full of bi-coastal heavyweights, the Harlem-born industry magnate has long been one ...

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Moving on up

At least Soulja Boy had the sense to move his valuables to a decent neighborhood. Yesterday, a video hit the Internets of Soulja Boy showing off his shedload of ridonkulous-looking jewelry and his shoebox full of bundles of hundred dollar bills. ...

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