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Hey Mama

I'd just like thank my mama. Thank you, baby. For cuttin' me out. Sorry, ma. I know it was hard. But you did it though, man. And it's poppin' now! Whodini "Early Mother's Day Card" (1987) ...

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The Not So Mighty O

So the other day the new OutKast single, "The Mighty O," was leaked to the Internets. Andre 3000 makes his triumphant return to rappin' after getting his Morrissey on for most of The Love Below. He claims to be really ...

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Too $hort
Born N Raised

The name rings bells across the nation as a call to arms for pimpin’: “Too $hort, Baby, comin’ straight from Oakland.” This self-made millionaire built an empire in an era when quality independent music sold itself. He started out ...

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