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Al Qaeda is the new Koch

Rappers who can't make it the old fashioned way might want to consider getting down with the terrorists. I'm assuming that's what Loon just did. The other day, there was that video of Loon on Al-Jazeera. Maybe you saw it. I'm ...

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MJ’s Best

So Michael Jackson's Memorial went down yesterday, but this is far from the end.  It's almost been two weeks since MJ passed and the amount of coverage his life or death is getting doesn't seem to be decreasing one bit. I ...

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M.O.P.: Foundation

M.O.P. Foundation (E1 Music) Throughout their career, M.O.P. have epitomized hardcore hip-hop. Now, after numerous mixtapes and side projects, the firing squad returns with Foundation, their first LP in nine years. M.O.P.’s Lil’ Fame and Billy Danze waste no time delivering their patented ...

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