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Owe Me Back Like You Owe Your Income Tax

Owe me back like 40 acres to blacks, indeed. workhorse Cyrus Langhorne—who dons either a pseudonym or the best name in rap coverage, including Toure—often does a great job connecting news stories. However, I’m gonna give today’s “Hiyooooo” Award ...

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Is Diddy losing his edge?

Remember that scene towards the end of the movie Casino, where the fat, aging Joe Pesci had to punch a guy like three times just to knock him out? Of course you do. Hip-hop heads are obsessed with gangster movies, ...

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FEATURE: Cormega, Still Standing

Cormega’s taken his fair share of knocks over the years. The first and most notorious was his much-publicized dismissal from hip-hop super group, The Firm. Then, Def Jam shelved his solo debut, The Testament, for five years and one-time partner-in-rhyme ...

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