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I’m Talkin’ To You

Ain’t gotta say it—you know what your name is. Business. . . Just like in the streets, you gon’ deal with niggas you respect. You not gonna deal with no nigga if you think he a punk nigga, if you think he ...

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Lil Wayne Sued by Former Manager

Cash Money Records MC Lil Wayne has been sued by his former manager for unpaid commissions. Melissa Philipian, who is the president of Miami-based White Tides Entertainment, alleges that the rapper has refused to pay her at least $500,000 for ...

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Yo Gotti
Like A Boss

Memphis MC Yo Gotti wants to make one thing clear—he can stand on his own two. In a city where local success is easy, but getting national exposure seems to elude everyone but Three 6 Mafia and their affiliates, Gotti ...

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