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Lloyd Banks UK Concert Cancelled

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks was scheduled to perform in Derbyshire, England at club T Five this Saturday (May 5). But according to the Derby Telegraph, the Derbyshire police have cancelled the concert due to fear of gun violence. “It’s not particularly ...

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Young Jeezy
Good Things

It’s never seemed like he was having much fun. Since summer 2005, when his Def Jam debut, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, introduced the world at large to what began as a mixtape phenomenon on the Atlanta streets, Young ...

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Saving grace

April was a mess of a month. Yes sir. Mainstream media launched a full scale attack on hip-hop culture. With glee. Every single one of society’s ills was dumped on the shoulders of rap. And, yep, Cam didn't do anyone ...

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