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When it all falls down

It's weird to think that as recently as a few years ago Kanye West was the rapper who felt the black woman's pain. In addition to his penchant for teh ghey-looking shirts and tiny jackets, he had songs that spoke ...

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U Know What It Is

Robert Greene calls it the “strategy of the crown.” It’s when a proactive dreamer doesn’t settle for mere self-confidence. Instead, one almost hypnotizes oneself into self-conviction, eventually morphing into one’s ideal identity. The result: Onlookers see nothing but a king. ...

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Bow Wow
Mama I’m So Sorry

On August 5, 2006, Bow Wow became a man. There were plenty of witnesses. Paris Hilton led the sordid cast of characters on hand. Washed-up ’80s TV star David Hasselhoff was there. So was Mini-Me. Shoot, it was a Who’s ...

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