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Remembering Dave Chappelle

Anytime something ridiculous happens in hip-hop, I always say, “I wish Dave Chappelle was around to make fun of this.” That’s how crucial his show was to pop culture. With now classic skits including Lil Jon’s adlibs, Tupac’s music playing ...

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The Passion of Remy Ma

"I used to be one of those people that watched the news and bought the newspaper everyday and believed that everything that I was seeing and reading was true; up until the point where I ended up in their reports ...

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The little homey’s big idea

Props to Nas for sending Kelis a shedload of gift cards. I was checking RapPravda just now, and I see they've turned up a document of Kelis complaining that all she's received from Nas since they divorced, three months ago, was ...

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