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Well that aint really the topic of my blog but I just had to put that out there. See, I've learned that slight feather rustling works on this blog shit! For whoevers wondering or just concerned for some reasons (mostly because ...

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Pimp C: Legendary Shermhead

"Nigger you smoke enough sherm, your dumb ass will do a lot of motherfucking things. You'll be in there sucking niggers' dicks!" -- Samuel L. Jackson in True Romance Not to belabor an issue, but I finally got through reading the ...

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Rah Digga
Get Right

They say chivalry is dead, and Rah Digga has learned the hard way that ladies don’t always come first. As the sole female in the New Jersey collective Tha Outsidaz and Busta Rhymes’ Flipmode Squad, Digga Digga (birth name Rashia) ...

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