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Dre Day

He's a pretty muthafucka. Tall and he's got good hair. The type of nigga Wesley Snipes had to pull his sword out on and punch a hole in his hand. His name is Dre. No, not the cat from Cali, ...

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Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival

America’s first large scale global hip-hop festival wrapped up yesterday at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. The Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival brought together performers and participants from numerous countries around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, ...

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When keeping it right goes wrong

Branching off from closet hipster Noz's excellent ethering of Gnarls Barkley (wonder where he got that idea?), I thought it'd be interesting to take a look at a few other examples where teh ghey conscious rappers decided they were too ...

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