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Nas: ‘Cause I’m Black

Having spent half his life in the game, NAS is officially a hip-hop elder statesman. What's he gonna do? Name his next album the most inflammatory word in the English language. Oh, and to those who think they’re sly: Don’t ...

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Black people, who needs ‘em?

The Hillary Clinton campaign keeps managing to run afoul of the black community, but what if that's the whole point? Take for example this hilarious incident the other day, when Bill Clinton kept falling asleep during a service to commemorate Martin ...

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Interview With Lyor Cohen

There was an interview with Lyor Cohen in Sunday's New York Post. An excerpt: Q: Hip-hop experienced a tough year. Sales in the genre were down 30 percent industry-wide. What's wrong? A: Hip-hop has lost that generational thing. This used to be ...

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