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Donny Goines:Minute After Midnight

“Machiavelli was my tutor, Donald Goines, my father figure/Mama sent me to go play with the drug dealers..” - Tupac Before I get started here’s a quick history lesson for the youngn’s who read my sh*t. Donald Goines is to the ...

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FEATURE:Black Milk:Respect Due

Hip-Hop first met Black Milk as a producer. He showcased his production on Slum Village’s Detroit Deli and Dirty District Vol. 2 as well as Lloyd Bank’s diss track “Death Wish,” amongst other projects. He eventually revealed more of his ...

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Snake oil is the new heroin

I was checking Twitter just now to see if Sasha Grey had made sweet, passionate love to any of my favorite female pr0n stars, and I saw that Elliott Wilson and some people were discussing the fact that literally no ...

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